Project F.A.M.! (Family Support, Advocacy and Mastery), offers evidence-based curriculum and program models that provide parents and caregivers with the nurturing tools and strategies to help cope with the challenges of parenting, strengthen family relationships and promote the healthy development of children so they can learn, grow and thrive.

Advocacy builds our foundation of support through case management services, individualized one-on-one support, and the provision of leadership opportunities for program graduates.

Family Support Services are available for all levels of need and within a variety of settings in the community.

Programs for Young Parents

Timeout for Teens & Tots

Supports the developmental needs of young parents/caregivers utilizing the Nurturing Parenting® Program’s, evidence-based curriculum. Caregivers are provided support to strengthen their parenting skills and learn effective co-parenting practices. NPP is a 12-week program, with weekly 1-hour online sessions and a graduation ceremony.

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Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!

Offers young adults and parents the opportunity to learn more about safe sex practices and ways to prevent STI’s, HIV, and repeat unplanned pregnancies. Workshops integrate positive parenting techniques with sexual health education to encourage young adults to protect themselves and their families or future family. Active participation will be rewarded incentives and weekly giveaways.

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Education Leading to Employment and Career Training (ELECT)

A Philadelphia School District funded program that provides pregnant and parenting students with weekly case management, quality parenting workshops, and resource coordination to support parents to stay in school through graduation.

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Programs for Adult Parents

Nurturing Parenting Program

Supports parents/caregivers using the Nurturing Parenting® Program’s evidenced-based curriculum, to help them strengthen parenting skills, learn effective co-parenting practices as well as provide opportunities to network with other parent/caregivers. NPP is a 12-week program, with weekly 1-hour online sessions and a graduation ceremony.

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Nurturing Fathers Program

Evidence-based program that supports men of all ages to strengthen their parenting skills, learn effective co-parenting practices and provides networking opportunities. NFP is a 12-week program, with weekly 1-hour online sessions and a graduation ceremony.

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The Positive Parenting Program

The Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) supports parents/caregivers with the skills to positively engage with their children while addressing difficult behaviors. Workshops help parent/caregivers to explore and create a positive parenting culture with their children. Triple P, Level 4 is an 8-week program, with weekly 1-hour sessions and one-on-one support for each participant.

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Program Contact Information

Victoria Mathis
Director 267.736.5168



Resource bank designed to serve the needs of the families in our care. Individuals and families can request baby essentials (pampers, wipes) and general hygiene items. Educational development resources are also available.

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