Youth in Foster Care Have Dreams Too 14 June 2023

Imagine hearing the words: “It’s going to be very difficult for you to have success in your life because you’re a foster child and it just is not possible."  That's what Karen was told as she emancipated herself from foster care at age 18, with little support but a dream that would carry her to a bright future.

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Why I Foster - Choosing to Lead with Love 10 May 2023

There are around 15,000 children and teens in foster care throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Each child has their own unique situation and history, but all of them share similar needs: stability, acceptance, and love from a family. Here’s where resource and kinship parents come in, nurturing a safe, supportive environment for children in foster care to grow.

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Andreia Finds a New Life 06 December 2022

Andreia had a rough start. Her mother had a substance abuse problem and went to jail, sending Andreia and her older siblings to kinship care. One after another her siblings left home.

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Looking Back at a Story of Success 03 August 2022

Its been five years since Turning Points for Children's LifeSet program began, and the program has truly transformed since then. 

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Turning Points for Children awarded $500,000 to support grand and kinship foster parents from the William Penn Foundation 13 December 2022

Growing evidence shows children in foster care do better when they stay with a relative. Still, there are few programs that exist to support Kinship Caregivers in Philadelphia despite the numerous challenges they experience.

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