Monthly Donations

Reoccurring or monthly donations are regular donations that allow you to make smaller gifts throughout the year. Choose a monthly amount from the dropdown menu.

One-Time Donations

One-time donations make a big impact and are greatly appreciated. You may make a credit card donation using the button below.



Be a Dream Maker!

At age 15, Basir had been in foster care his whole life and dreamt that one day he would have a loving family and a stable home. 

Someone in Basir’s community saw a bright light in the teen and, for Basir, an ordinary connection at school became the path to his dream of a family coming true. 

In Philadelphia alone there are hundreds of children and teens like Basir. Teens need someone to believe in them and their dreams.

With your support, we can make more dreams come true!


With a one-time donation right now, you can make a real difference in the life of a child.

  • $50

    provides one month of supplemental formula to a hungry infant.

  • $100

    ensures a month of healthy foods to a struggling family.

  • $250

    provides one month of software that allows Case Managers to search for long lost family members that are willing to be a resource and support for youth in foster care

  • $500

    connects 10 families with a social worker to help them gain independence.




Impact Story

Project LifeSet

When Trevor aged out of foster care, he had little to no support and was unsure of where he was going to live. He wanted to become a pilot, but didn’t know how to. With the help of LifeSet, Trevor was able to gain the skills needed to become independent and enroll in aviation school. He is currently training to be a pilot, something he had only dreamed about before.

When you donate to Turning Points, you help programs like LifeSet provide essential services to youth in the most vulnerable places.


Ways to Donate

There are many ways to support us, some lesser known than others. Here is a list of options you may not have considered:


Monthly Donations

Supporting our work on a monthly basis makes a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve without putting a strain on your wallet!

When you become a monthly Impact Partner, you help provide Turning Points for Children with the resources to plan ahead and ensure program funding is available to meet the most pressing needs of the children and families we serve. Visit the ‘Donate’ tab on our website right now to join the Monthly Donors Circle. When you support Turning Points for Children, you support an entire community. You become a hero to someone in need. Thank you!


Matching Gifts

Double Your Donation! Many companies offer a matching gift program. When employees make a charitable donation, sometimes, their company pays the same amount or double. When you decide to donate to Turning Points for Children, ask your Human Resources department if your company will provide a match.


Planned Gift or Bequests

Bequests cost you nothing during your life. If there is a mission close to your heart, such as Turning Points for Children, you can honor it in your will. Bequests might include a specific amount of money, a share of a stock, or a percentage of the value of an asset. Talk to your financial advisor or family lawyer to get started.


Donor Advised Funds

Giving through your Donor Advised Fund is quick, simple, and can help transform lives.

What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)? A DAF is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you and allows you to recommend grants or gifts to non-profits like Turning Points for Children.


Stock and Bond Donations

Turning Points accepts stock and bond donations. If you have owned any for longer than a year, you can donate them to a nonprofit organization of your choice. You also receive a tax deduction equal to the value of that stock or bond. Contact the Development Department ( to get started.


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