Family Finding connects each child with a network of supportive individuals, fosters a sense of belonging for youth, and develop permanent relationships which build resilience for youth in or at-risk of being in foster care. With support or connection found through Family Finding, youth are at decreased risk for incarceration, mental and physical health challenges, and homelessness in adulthood. Since 2010, we have located almost 200,000 connections, and 24,000 of them became a permanent fixture in the child’s life.

Contact Information

Andrew Lemon
Program Director 267.449.1837

Case Study


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Joshua* is a 15-year-old boy and has been in foster care for more than a year now. This is our second attempt providing Family Finding services with the goal of identifying permanent family resources. Efforts from a Family Finding case manager, we found and engaged Joshua with maternal aunt, and per his request is now in the process of being adopted. Joshua was not 100% sold on this plan and was quite skeptical for some time. He has now rated family involvement at a "10" – which means he and aunt are engaged 100%. 

*Name has been changed for confidentiality.


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