on 06 July 2016

 Stop by before you start your day July 22, 2016. Coffee is on us. 

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on 28 June 2016

“There’s a culture of FAST that’s in the schools,” Thompson said. “If you run into somebody who’s been a FAST family, there’s a bond that they have.”

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on 17 June 2016

Children go to school to learn and sometimes their families get something out of it too.

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on 16 June 2016

Our own David Fair in The Inquirer June 15th, paraphrasing a colleague about underfunding and CUA caseloads, "If this was the typical workload of an airplane pilot, none of us would ever get on a plane."

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on 15 June 2016

David Fair, Deputy CEO of Turning Points for Children, testified before Philadelphia City Council about a new nonprofit formed by the CUAs in Philadelphia.

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on 31 May 2016
Click here to see our interactive annual report for fiscal year 2015. 

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