Providing Parent Support and Education

on 24 February 2021

We introduced our continuum wheel to us last month and now we want to continue sharing the success of our individual programs. 

You are a part of their success. 

The Elect Program

The Education Leading to Employment & Career Training (ELECT) Program is one of many programs offered by Project F.A.M! (Family Advocacy and Mastery.) ELECT provides supportive academic and case management services to expectant & parenting teens. Students in the program are paired with a case manager to track their progress, provide supportive services/resources for the student and child and provide the student with parenting education. 

The programs goals are to ensure that the student maintains regular attendance, obtains a diploma or GED certificate and secure post-graduation employment, education or training.

These services are provided alongside pregnancy prevention information, services to reduce the incidence of secondary youth pregnancies, and information on healthy parenting for fathers

You are part of their success:

  • 98% of seniors graduated
  • 100% graduated seniors either obtained employment or enrolled into post-secondary education or training programs
  • Less than 2% of repeated pregnancies

Turning Points for Children Celebrates Black History Month

We are proud to celebrate the history of Black Americans and their contributions to our country. As social workers, Black history is often at the heart of the work we do, whether through the communities we serve or the programs and advocacy that supports and uplifts marginalized communities.

We want to take a moment to highlight one of the most famous Black social workers, a pioneer in the field, E. Franklin Frazier. He served as director of the Atlanta School of Social Work from 1922 to 1927. He is described as an "author", a "scholar noted for his studies on the lack of family", and as someone who "promoted training for social workers." We continue and honor his legacy by putting an emphasis on training and approaching our cases through a trauma-informed lens. 

Our Community Umbrella Agencies have been posting regular content honoring Black history. Please feel free to follow them on Instagram: CUA3, CUA9 and CUA10.