Thank You, You Helped Us Hold on to the Good in 2020

on 28 January 2021

Because of you good things happened in 2020 as well. 

This is our Turning Points continuum wheel: an interlocking set of evidence-based programs that provide resources and services to vulnerable individuals. 

Your donations support all of these initiatives. You help keep the wheel in motion.


Because much of the services Turning Points are deemed essential, we never stopped working during the pandemic. In fact, our frontline workers, worked even harder this past year.

Nutrition and Wellness: Our FAWN emergency food pantry gave out over 100,000lbs of food and served 18,000 individuals through the pop-up model around Philadelphia.

Family Finding: Our Family Finding Program identified 10,000 individual connections for foster care youth.

Transition to Adulthood: LifeSet participants' housing rate is 91% a year after program discharge.

Parent Education and Support: Our Project F.A.M.! Parenting Classes saw an 80% course completion rate. 

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health: Our Bridge Intensive Program Services served 140 at-risk youth with academic support, competency building, mentoring, community service and more. This program has a 75% completion rate. 

Foster Care and Adoption: Our Foster Care program currently provides safe homes for over 600 children throughout Philadelphia. 

Together we are building stronger families and brighter futures. 

You can learn more about donating here!