Home is Where the Heart Is

on 08 December 2020

Lynn, a single mother, was living in a small basement apartment with her three children. Every time it rained, her apartment leaked badly and each time it did, she would hurriedly begin the process of scrubbing and cleaning the walls, hoping to stay ahead of the growth of dangerous mold. Her landlord had no interest in answering her service requests or making the necessary repairs.

Keeping children safe and healthy is something every parent strives for. Lynn could not afford to move somewhere with better living conditions. And then the COVID-19 Pandemic came, and it became apparent that Lynn and her children would have to spend a lot of time at home. Time that only made her dread the next storm.      

Lynn shared her predicament with our Family Support Services team  through Project F.A.M.! and was quickly connected with our Housing Prep Program. Our Housing Prep Specialists began the search for stable,  affordable and safe housing for Lynn and her children. They set Lynn and her children up with a new apartment and a supply full of home essentials. The day we presented Lynn with the keys to her new home, she broke down in tears. She said she felt safe again. She felt like she was home.


There is an old saying, home is where the heart is, and now, more than ever, we are finding ourselves spending a lot more time at home, where we should feel safe, loved and create happy memories. Lynn and her children are home and they are safe. YOUR donation made that happen. With your continued support, we can provide more hope and stability for vulnerable families like Lynn’s.

Make your gift today and let’s foster more love.

From our home to yours, thank you for being a turning point in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens—our children.