Turning Points Honors PECO and Mike Innocenzo

on 19 August 2020

Based in Philadelphia, PECO is Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas utility. In addition to ensuring that 2.1 million customers have a safe place to remain home during a pandemic, the company also employs roughly 2,700 people and generates approximately $2.8 billion in annual revenue.

When COVID-19 struck, PECO was one of the first to spring to action. Understanding the severity of the moment and financial hardships, the company extended support policies, waived late fees, reconnected customer power and provided additional customer support on a need-to-need basis. They know their work is more important than ever, providing infrastructure that powers hospitals, health care facilities, response centers, and millions of homes and businesses.

This commitment to a thriving community is not new for PECO. They have a proven track record in charitable contributions supporting education, environmental safety, the arts and neighborhood development. These areas are a focus to ensure improvements for communities at all levels and in all industries. In addition to these policies, they have donated more than $1 million to local relief organizations for coronavirus response.

To ensure that career and workforce opportunities are available in the future, PECO has established various programs to help the local economy recover. PECO is committed to ensuring customer well-being and financial security.  They have several programs to ensure customers can pay their bills and get assistance, even prior to COVID-19, including their PECO Gift of Energy, CARES program and Matching Energy Assistance Fund.

Of course, much of this would not be possible without PECO’s leadership. As President and Chief Executive Officer of PECO, Mike Innocenzo leads his team to address projects, no matter how big or how small, with a high level of imagination. The core of PECO’s business is its customers, and to recognize the talents of the PECO team and the collaborative work they do every day to serve the community and inspire one another. Mike oversees PECO’s overall performance associated with service reliability, customer satisfaction, financial management, and regulatory and external affairs.

We are honored to recognize PECO and Mike for their commitment to customers, engagement in the community and innovative approach to improving access to safe and reliable electric and natural gas resources.