Private high school focuses on Philly kids in foster care

on 18 October 2016

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Researchers say students in the child-welfare system also are at high risk of dropping out. They have gaps in their education and are behind because they have to change schools when caseworkers move them to foster homes in other neighborhoods.

"The biggest problem they have is they have been moved - especially older kids, [who] tend to be moved a lot," said David Fair, deputy CEO at Turning Points for Children, an agency that provides foster care services in the Lower Northeast, South, and Southwest Philadelphia. "It's different to foster a 15-year-old than an infant."

And as a small school, C.B. Community knows its students and can work closely with their agency caseworkers to keep track of their needs, he said.

"It has been an amazing success," said Fair. Turning Points has about 10 students at the school this fall. "It's just what these kids are looking for."

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