Celebrating Regina Pringle

on 05 August 2015


Regina Pringle, a True Turning Point

We are celebrating one of our staff members who received her bachelor's degree in 2015. Regina Pringle is truly a Turning Point.

Before coming to Turning Points, Regina Pringle served in the ARMY Reserves and was stationed at Fort Dix during Desert Storm. She has worked with the homeless in a shelter, and worked for the School District of Philadelphia at Blaine Elementary. It was at Blaine that Regina was introduced to Families and Schools Together program (FAST).

After being laid-off from her job with the School District, Regina took the opportunity to become a FAST stipend volunteer earning additional income for her family and helping her to pursue her passion of helping others. While working as a volunteer for up to four schools during a FAST cycle, Regina was to substitute for a staff person and then quickly landed her a more permanent position. Regina is now the Agency Partner for Middle School FAST.

Regina says working with FAST has been the key that has allowed her to grow as an individual and professional. "I work for an organization that is led by an amazing CEO who is 100% committed to the organization's mission, and formed by a phenomenal team of people. I am honored to be a part of the team" are her words.

A native and current resident of North Philadelphia, Regina remains committed to her community. Regina serves on the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women Caucus, where she is the Regional Director of Volunteers in Philadelphia. She is also a volunteer at the Church of the Advocate.

Regina received her BA degree from Peirce College last weekend and she has already enrolled and started the Leadership Graduate Studies program at Peirce.

At Turning Points, Regina is always stepping up to the plate and volunteers to assist with fundraising events. Regina is an inspiration to many at Turning Points and the families she works with in the FAST Program.

A passionate and compassionate person, Regina maintains a positive attitude no matter the challenge. In her career, Regina has worn many, many hats. She considers herself a motivated person, and a woman of many skills. She understands the importance of being versatile and why it is good to just "roll with the punches."

Thank you, Regina for everything you do!

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